Usually validity period of the leasing agreement makes from 3 to 5 years.
Leasing is the fastest way of receiving financing on acquisition of fixed assets, without the long and demanding time procedures. Leasing allows to keep the current assets that can be used for other business production purposes. The fixed and varied leasing payments will allow objective planning of the investment budget taking into account future cash flows. Insurance against inflation since leasing payments are performed from future income. The convenient schedule of payments – the period of leasing can be selected taking into account the term of useful service of a leased asset and also seasonal nature and other features of business. Long-term financing from 3 years and more. At the end of the leasing term the property right regarding the leased asset transfers to the Lessee.
Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.
In our company you can use leasing services for acquisition of automobile and commercial motor transport, road-building and agricultural machinery, production and trade equipment.
Yes, the used asset can be leased.
The commission for examination of the project makes 50 000 tenge, irrespective of the project amount. Other commission tariffs are established individually.
For conducting project examination the Client has to pay 50 000 tenge of the commission fee which is not compensated in case of application rejection by the Investment committee of the Company.
The Leased asset is selected by the Client.
The client selects the Supplier independently, thus JSC Al Saqr Finance can recommend the Client suppliers the best terms of delivery and the prices.