Halal crypto-currency may show-up in Russia

27.11.2017 Halal crypto-currency may show-up in Russia

Madina Kalimullina, the adviser on Islamic Economics and Finance of the chief of staff of Concil of Mufties of Russia reported about this on her Interview for TASS.

According to her words, the characteristics of traditional crypto-currency allow the creation of its halal analog. “This topic is not covered by Shariyah standards yet, but in the next two to three years they can be developed. 

The only thing that confuses Muslims in this case is the absence of a single regulator of the crypto-currency. So, among the main arguments against bitcoin is high degree of  risk (Maysir) and uncertainty (Gharar), as well as lack of provision of real assets and state guarantees”, - said Karimullina. The analysis of halal cases of crypto-currencies will be carried out by Islamic scientists on November 18 in the framework of the Moscow Halal Expo 2017 Exhibition.



Source: islam-today.ru